This course introduces the basic principles and methods of strategic online marketing

for business clusters and networks. It provides an overview of the world wide web and

the main methodological approaches for online marketing as adapted to business

clusters and networks.

The course begins with a strategic analysis of online marketing objectives and

requirements. In order to implement this analysis, business clusters must align their

online marketing objective with their general strategic objectives. They reflect on how

they can differentiate their cluster online, and the mix of content marketing necessary to

promote the cluster organisation versus the cluster members.

At the conclusion of the course, business clusters will be prepared to begin defining the structure and content of their online marketing strategy and effort.

No prior technical knowledge in web design or online marketing is required to participate in this course. 


This online training course was developed under the auspices of the InterCom project: Internationalisation and

Commercialisation Methods for Business Networks. The InterCom project is co-funded from the European

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