The education cluster has been found in 2014. It currently consists of 8 members including universities, colleges, management and HR consultancies. The aim of the cluster is to develop research and training methodologies to evaluate interests and capabilities of teenagers and young people before they enter higher education or vocational training institutions, or the labour market, to help them project and develop their professional careers, consult and support teachers in secondary education institutions, provide professional counsel for young people and their parents to prepare their long term career plans.




Kaunas airport is pushing the initiative to develop a cluster of aviation services in the under-developed area of the southern part of its territory, adjacent to the Kaunas free economic zone. The cluster members should include the companies providing services of aircraft maintenance and repair, paint shop for the aircraft, training, leasing/financing institutions.
The cluster is currently at its early infrastructure development stage, however it already reached provisional agreements with several potential members from Lithuania and abroad.
Science and Technology Park Technopolis has been created to provide  infrastructure and innovation support services for innovation and technology oriented companies operating in Kaunas. The innovative companies are not only concentrated in physical proximity to help them communicating and cooperating with each other, but also to promote their cooperation with science and training institutions (universities, colleges and research facilities), support them with joint marketing and training initiatives. Technopolis also supports young innovative startups by providing them with needed infrastructure, training and cooperation opportunities with more mature cluster members.
Technopolis currently hosts 10 members and incubates 6 more startups.
The wellbeing cluster was created to develop high quality and high value added, technologically innovative wellness products and services, promote healthy and active lifestyle. Cluster has successfully developed and started introduction of the innovative training management product - iPulsus system for sports clubs and coaches, coordinated efforts of cluster members to jointly participate in trade events in major exports markets in Western Europe, organise trade and consumer events in Lithuania.
The wellness cluster iVita was established in 2011 and currently has 13 members: mostly leading innovation driven technology companies as well as sports clubs and Lithuania Sports University.
The cluster aims to promote wellness and to enhance the awareness of wellness among consumers, to implement common marketing strategy for the cluster, create and implement common sales platform, e-commerce, marketing and ICT tools.