ECDF mKlaster is a cooperative network associating companies and institutions dealing with mobile technologies, especially mobile app developers. Initially they had operated under the name of ECDF eKlaster; however, in the second half of 2013 the management decided to specialize in the area of mobile technologies and to call itself ECDF mKlaster. The Cluster supports both the local environment of mobile app developers and events held within this sphere. It cooperates with several dozen local entrepreneurs, including both mobile app developers and IT companies, actively seeking opportunities to gain a competitive advantage in the SME sector as a result of the transfer of technologies as well as the research and development work carried out by the ECDF mKlaster members. Its activities enabled the Cluster to gain the support of three influential research bodies: the Department of Information Technology at the Poznań University of Economics, the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Adam Mickiewicz University, and the Poznań University of Technology. As the Cluster believes in the potential of the Poznań student environment, it also intends to foster science and business collaboration in the area of educating representatives from the next generation of innovative enterprises. As a part of its activities it organizes, among other things, a series of events called NeedApp ( This sort of Cluster involvement is greatly appreciated and has enabled it to enter into cooperation with certain large organisations such as Skoda, the Poznań University of Economics, and Poznań City Hall. Another initiative is a series of events held by ECDF mKlaster, i.e. mKlaster Business Meeting, a series of meetings between Cluster members and the representatives of other sectors.
The Cluster has its own modern infrastructure which covers specialist equipment for cooperation purposes that enable all its members and others in the local environment to carry out research and development projects, minimize costs (through access to preferential conditions for the delivery of IT services), and develop new products. As a part of this infrastructure a modern focused research studio was developed with special equipment for studying the usability of mobile apps and mobile friendly websites, which is rich in research opportunities and translates into an increase in the competitive advantage of local enterprises in the realm of user experience (UX). The infrastructure also includes a modern server room as well as a fully equipped videoconference room to ensure top quality international multilateral business meetings.
ECDF mKlaster inspires and initiates developments in the local mobile environment and strives to gain an image for Wielkopolska and Poznań as a hub of modern mobile technologies and world-class solutions. In order to achieve this, we emphasize the cooperation of universities and businesses in research projects. The Cluster’s task is to tap into the potential of Poznań universities as well as the enterprises which are very often established by graduates from these universities.