The cluster of Construction Glass Processing Companies (Klaster Stowarzyszenie Przetwórców Szkła Budowlanego) brings together owners of small and medium-sized companies involved in the manufacture of flat glass units. The Cluster deals with shaping and processing of fl at glass (pre-stressed, ground and decorated). The main aim of cluster members is strengthening the cooperation between regional entrepreneurs from the sector, science institutions and business support institutions. The cluster operates towards increasing the level of quality and innovativeness of products offered by member companies, by internal audits and specialist consulting regarding implementation of R&D projects.
The Cluster of Construction Glass Processing Companies is willing to get in touch with international partners to exchange the knowledge and experience from the common fields, increase the distribution of products on international markets, as well as to join R&D projects with them. We are happy to have gotten in touch with a few international partners so far, as we can already see the adventages and are wiling to develop our cooperation.